Now, just a minute, furious ex-GIs, and let me explain before you lock and load. I’m not some hirsute protester on a permanent picket line. I voluntarily served in the U.S. Navy during both World War II and the Korean War.

Admittedly, during the Vietnam War, Hanoi Jane was incredibly stupid with her grossly over-inflated movie star ego. I agree it was an intentional insult to all who served when she went to North Vietnam. Of course, it was infinitely worse when she cheered enemy anti-aircraft gunners shooting at American planes.

However, history has proved her twisted logic basically correct about that war and all the others since World War II. Let’s put a big part of the blame where it belongs. Government stupidity and defense industry greed are far more culpable of the crime of waging useless wars than Jane Fonda’s mindless act.

They make her vain hey-lookie-at-me Vietnam gesture seem almost as noble as Nathan Hale’s final words about having only one life to give to his country. Hey, Nate, thanks for the patriotic words, but one life is all each of us ever gets. And it sure as hell shouldn’t be wasted at age 19 by dying in some foreign mudhole while trying to kill similarly-brainwashed enemy 19-year-olds.

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