Older couch potatoes have watched TV grow from a tiny seven-inch box with flickering black and white images to wall-sized screens in 3D color. The most successful programs have ranged over the decades from I Love Lucy to The Walking Dead.

The latter has proven so apt in selling pills and other useless products that there are now at least three zombie TV series running this season. However, after enduring a few episodes of The Walking Dead, we just can’t understand why such idiotic excuses for entertainment are so popular.

We, as with many older TV addicts go back to the time of paying our 25 cents to get scared by Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff at local movie theater Saturday matinees. However, even then we knew it was all make-believe, bad make-up and, in its own corny way, just doggone plain fun.

However, the current TV zombies are so serious about staggering around killing non-zombies, it raises questions. In the episodes, when the good guys shoot the attacking zombies, they kill them. Right? But how can they kill them if they’re already dead?

Even more puzzling is what happens after the zombies eventually succeed in killing all the good guys. When everyone becomes zombified, will we stagger around endlessly like SmartPhone gabbers, members of Congress, TV reality stars and/or frat party bong puffers?

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