The Cos Celébre…

Sacrificial Ham To Male Guilt?

Bill Cosby done ‘em wrong. The ever-growing horde of victims is just too large to ignore. However, as bothersome as it may be for some jurists, purists, feminists and other angry-ists, the Cosby exploitations of women is nothing new.

In fact, until just a few years ago, it was (wink, wink) accepted practice in showbiz and all other biz  where men in power took advantage of young women. And the cleverly horny guys didn’t always need to ply them with a knock-out drop to get them to drop inhibitions and other things.

For at least the past century, did anyone ever think the infamous Hollywood casting couch was used for anything other than couché couché? Additionally, during my half century in the biz world, I knew of many ambitious women who climbed the corporate ladder veep by veep.

Of course, the dirty deed still happens. However, there’s a huge grey area between actual male assault and pre-planned female consent. For instance, several retired Playboy Bunnies recently complained of yet more carnal Cosby conquests.

In their Playboy Club duties they weren’t exactly Salvation Army lassies when they shook their tamborines at him. Hey, isn’t it about time to allow the elderly comedian to enjoy his sunset years, understanding that he strove so diligently to attain the distinguished title of dirty old man?

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