Age 90 Too Often Is The New Black

One way to interpret the blog’s title is to examine abuses against the elderly that closely resemble traditional racial prejudices. For example, for many years I volunteered for several hours every Sunday at a nursing home. I also created L.O.V.E., Lunchtime Outreach Visits To The Elderly. We bussed volunteers from my company offices to nearby nursing homes weekly at noon to provide mealtime companionship and conversation.

Too often we saw medical staff members sit watching TV, totally ignoring patients asking for help. It still happens today, sometimes with more serious abuses. We keep hearing of the same mistreatment in veterans’ hospitals, in addition to the long waiting lists for their necessary medical care. Sound familiar to how minorities were treated way back when?

Our city newspaper has a page that lists a dozen stories every week about thugs attacking defenseless elders on the streets. We seniors don’t need political themes to tell us to walk with our hands up. We may do it instinctively whenever a gang of mean-looking teens approach. Does that sound too familiar, protest marchers?

Remember back when African-Americans could get jobs only that paid barely enough to survive? For many struggling seniors today, pensions have remained the same for years while continuing inflation eats away buying power.

For example, the government will increase Social Security in 2015 by an average of $20 a month per retiree. With ever-rising costs of food and everything else, that may be just enough to buy a senior early bird dinner at the local Long John Silvers. And only if it’s within walking distance.

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