Headlines Report Gitmo Prisoner Torture

Recent news stories allege abuses against captured terrorists at the U.S. Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp in Cuba. They cite cruelty such as making prisoners stand for hours with their arms up, waterboarding and other tortures.

For we seasoned citizens who fly frequently, these abuses are only too familiar at airports. For example, conducted by guards of TSA (Tortmenting Senior Aviators), the offenses are much worse. Somewhat similar to waterboarding, there is preboarding. While we cheap-seat elderly buyers stand jammed together for hours, wealthier passengers who’ve paid extra fares go to the head of the line, sneer at we peasants, and board ahead of us.

The prisoner with his arms outstretched has nothing on senior flyers. TSA requires us to do the surrender pose when going through airport security scanning devices. Then we must bear added torture while a grinning TSAer molests our vital body parts. After millions of searches, they’ve yet to find one weapon in a crotchety senior’s crotch.

Then, once aboard we struggle along the aircraft aisle, our carry-on bags in outstretched hands, banging heads, shoulders and knees of seated passengers. Long ago when flying was a pleasure, the flight attendants happily helped us. Now, we must struggle with aching arms, endlessly waiting to hoist our heavy bags up to the jammed compartments.

For senior passengers, the final humiliations often happen when the flight ends, and we must hike to the airport baggage merry-go-round. There’s always a big guy who pushes through the mob, gives you a bruising body slam and inevitably drops his 100-pound suitcase on your toes.

The Gitmo-ish torture often continues even after all the bags have been unloaded. You soon discover that yours were mistakenly hijacked to Cuba.

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