Joan Rivers: Was Age 81 Too Damn Young To Go?

Hey, at almost 90, it’s way past time for this old geezer to prepare for the inevitable. Whatever, until it happens, I’ll do my best to enjoy the hell out of every moment I have left.

The sudden death of Joan Rivers is an example of how those last happy moments can be cruely taken away. A notorius workaholic, even at age 81, Joan still pursued an overloaded schedule of TV shows, product promotions and multiple stand-up appearances.

I’ve admired her razor-sharp talent since the first appearances on Johnny Carson nearly 50 years ago. From the audience, I saw her live on several Tonight shows, and once on her ill-fated late-night attempt to compete with him. Since then I attended several of her stand-up theater appearances, and enjoyed her take-no-prisoners humor.

I never met her, but we may have had something in common. Her family name was Molinsky. My mother’s was Malinsky. Busy Ellis Island clerks often made spelling errors. The two immigrant clans both arrived in America in the early 1900s from Kiev in the Ukraine. I’m sorry we never had the chance to compare roots.

Mixed with my positive feelings about her great talent is a regret I’m sure is shared by many other senior fans. Whether her passing was natural or medical screw-up, let her example be a lesson. I should be heeded by those seniors who feel the need to continue working long beyond the Biblical three score years and ten.

Just maybe Joan would’ve survived if she had not pushed herself so hard with her frantic work ethic. That’s why we call them the golden years, when we can take it easy and enjoy every remaining sunny moment. Joan made tons of money from her hard labors, and left behind an estate worth multi-millions. However, she couldn’t take a single penny with her.

On the positive side, I want to believe our latter-day Saint Joan is now doing her stand-up on a sky-high stage, with an audience of laughing angels. However, we all pray Joan refrains from making fun of the Top Guy’s son for cross-dressing.

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