Movies These ≠•§¶∞ Days Are Full Of #&*@!

<Maybe at almost age 90, my elderly brain can’t keep up with today’s so-called entertainment. Back a few years, movies had logical story lines, were obscenity-free and offered understandable dialog, listenable music and smooth visual transitions. Sadly, no more.

A couple of years ago, some film-school drop-out on speed must have decided movies were too slow and prissy, and needed … well … more speed. The new formats include crazily jerky camera shots, half-second scenes and explosions of ear-shattering noise. For spicing up the confusing mix, a generous portion of four-letter words.

And what’s with that other ß∫Ω¶¥ explosion, where movies must have cursing on levels that would make this old sailor blush? I recently saw Love Ranch, and experienced the cultural benefit of Joe Pesci spitting the F-word at, of all people, Shakespearean British actress Dame Helen Mirren. He barked it at least 20 times in less than a minute. Ah, fond memories of my ©ƒ¥∂ß Navy deck-swabbing days.

We can all look forward eagerly to the next chapter, when curse words will be common in movie titles. Can you imagine John Ford directing herky-jerky scenes of a John Wayne Western, such as She Wore A $%^& Yellow Ribbon? Or Cecil B. DeMille creating a jumpy, quick-cut Charlton Heston Biblical epic, The Ten Commandments?

But, please don’t let it happen to the upcoming remake of The @#$! Wizard of Oz!

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