It has been in the news for months. Many major Atlantic City casino-hotels are going bankrupt and shutting down. Just when you thought you’ve heard every sad story about the busted Boardwalk-By-The-Sea, here’s another twist.

Can you believe a New Jersey college has actually offered $18 million to buy one of the empty casino resorts? What is now the sadly empty Showboat Hotel maybe soon could become an institution of higher learning.

Consider the implications. Will the students be required to take courses in such subjects as Roulette 101, Snake Eyes 201, Blackjack 301 and Double-Down 401? If the college has a medical department, will there be a major in Facecardiology? Will the sports teams be called the High Rollers or Double Downers?

The new owners actually say they’ll keep part of the resort and casino open for summer vacation gamblers, creating sort of a combined casino community college. Can you imagine students needing $25,000 a year for tuition and another $10,000 for casino chips?

Hey, big-time gamblers, what happens if the transaction and transition from casino to college actually take place? How much d’ya wanna bet it’ll succeed … or not?

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