When the creeping internet spread across the globe just a few short years ago, traditional communications were doomed. The electronic monster started by gobbling up typewriters, adding machines and traditional post office mail. Then, appetite ever expanding, it greedily consumed print magazines, newspapers and books.

As the monster continued to conquer cyberspace, it spawned a breed of computer maniacs who have potential for electronic evil. They now consist of hacker species, ranging upward from devious teens operating in parent basements to entire nations of goose-stepping fanatics.

No one suspected the internet monster would turn ugly when it first enthralled the world with so many exciting innovations. We were all busy enjoying Email, movies, music, face-to-face gabbing and selfies. Today we do it endlessly on our little lighted hand-held boxes as we walk and drive in reckless abandon.

When the first cyberspace scammers began, at first it was merely to send crooked sales pitches, beg for phony charities and empty bank accounts of the elderly. Then came more sophisticated hacking, and the thieves no longer needed permission from the victims to break into formerly secure information.

As internet capabilities for evil grew exponentially, the individual thieves evolved to include rogue nations with government-sponsored hacking. It was only a matter of time until they became capable of sabotaging military and industrial secrets.

Therefore, so sorry Sony, these are modern times. It’s no longer a matter of expressing diplomatic anger as when Charlie Chaplin parodied Adolf Hitler. Today, a paranoid nation’s chubby leader has been insulted by your movie, “The Interview”, and it threatens vengeance.

The hackers have not only succeeded in bringing your mighty company to its knees in abject surrender. As sad as that situation is to Sony’s bottom line, it could get much worse. We can only imagine how many more damaging cyberspace hacking attacks will soon happen in America.

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