Millions Paid For Andy Warhol Copies Of Photos

We’ve all seen it. Monkeys paint pictures, elephants paint pictures. The results are not art, but people ooh and ah over them. There’s nothing artistic about those random animal smears. I believe the same is happening about the so-called art of Andy Warhol.

His “Triple Elvis,” a 1963 photocopy showing the same Elvis Presley photo three times, recently sold for $81.9 million at Christie’s. The difference between the animal smears and Andy Warhol’s copies of photos is that stupid people with too few brain cells and too much money are paying millions for his so-called art.

Why am I so damned mad about the guy? I started out many decades ago to become an artist. I earned my BFA at the Philadelphia Museum College of Art (now University of the Arts). The four student years there involved many hours learning the skills of drawing, painting, anatomy, sculpture and other traditional reqirements.

Our idols were the great, super-talented artists of history, including Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Rembrandt. They created expert images of people and landscapes, not photocopied Campbell soup cans or repeat Presleys.

I know this rant may seem as though I’m jealous of Andy Warhol’s successful scam. You’re damned right I am! I just wish I could’ve found some suckers as stupid as his millionaire fans to buy my work.


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