Favorite Songs From Nine Decades Of Listening

I go way back in pop history, and my most memorable music recollections ended just about the time Elvis joined the angels and the Beatles busted up. Everything musical since then, fuggetabotit!

In the Navy during World War II, several from that era stay longest with me. They include Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”, Doris Day’s “It’s Been A Long, Long Time”, the Andrews Sisters’ “Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree.”

As a college student, I invited a girl classmate to a performance of the Broadway musical, “Oklahoma.” My favorite from the show was “People Will Say We’re In Love.” Although I spent at least six bucks for the two tickets, despite what people said about us, she married another guy.

Recalled for active Navy duty during the Korean War, I had a photo of a new starlet on my locker door, and loved her hit song, “Tammy”. I saw her live just a few years ago performing in Las Vegas, and 80-plus-year-old Debbie Reynolds looks as great as ever. Of course, my eyes ain’t what they used to be.

When my son was born, it was the Broadway song from “Carousel” that greeted him. “Soliloquy” is all about a father’s pride and anticipation for his yet unborn child. When my beautiful daughter arrived in the world several years later, it was to the tune from “Mame”, “My Best Girl,” and she has been ever since.

My favorites come from an era when songs were tuneful and sentimental. Imagine anyone feeling nostalgic 30 years from now when lovers stroll in the moonlight inspired by the 2006 Academy Award-winner. It was a sentimental love (for sale) song, “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp.” Ah, sweet memories!


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