News Flash: Bush, Clinton, Romney To Run in ‘16

Did I go to sleep last night and wake up 10 to 20 years ago? The news headlines: Bush To Run For President, Clinton To Run For President and, so help me, Romney To Run For President!

In the cold dawn of reality and/or dementia, my first question is: Can’t the political gurus come up with qualified candidates who will actually offer voters something other than tired old names?

For instance, take the Bush family (and I wish someone would). Just maybe some people think Jeb Bush, former FL guv with Hispanic esposa, actually is qualified. However, does the U.S. need a dynasty? Even British royalty changes their ruling houses once in awhile, and it’s time for the Bush legacy to leg on out of here.

All right, let’s do a bit of equal bashing on Democrats. Do we really need another Clinton in the White House, especially if she drags a former tenant in with her? Yeah, sure, she could be the first woman President (oh, no, not that addled Alaskan!) in our glorious history. It’s certain to happen sooner or later. But how could Hillary keep the U.S. prosperous when she couldn’t even keep horny Bill from being preposterous.

Finally, about Mitt Romney. He’s just another child of Wall Street royalty. He’s basking in the image of super-rich Kennedys and Roosevelts, who believed they were born to rule the land. If he couldn’t even beat amateurish Barack Obama going for a second term, how the hell does he expect to win against the next Democrat?

It should all be very simple, and I’m not dreaming of times gone by. The political parties must strive to find new, intelligent, independent, well-qualified, experienced and (dare I say it?) honest candidates.


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