Short History: Why Are Silly Little Dictators Worshipped?

What’s with all the flap about the North Korean dictator and the movie that makes fun of him? I won’t go into my own opinion about the fat little guy with the idiotic haircut, because I don’t want my Social Security check hacked. However, history shows that human herds too often go gaga over leaders who are way too short in both height and brains.

Let’s start with little Napoleon, who led his summer-uniformed troops into freezing Russia during winter. A century or so later, an even sillier-looking short guy named Adolf repeated the same duh mistake. Both not only caused millions of wasted lives, but through it all those stupid clods were worshipped as gods by the brainwashed folks at home.

Although he played a minor part in World War II, little Benito Mussolini did his best to be the mostest dictator ever. He wore silly uniforms while strutting and spouting like a circus clown as millions of Italians cheered.

In the same war, the U.S. Navy sent teenage me to the Pacific to fight a bunch of Japanese teens who happily died for their holy emperor. Actually, the god-figure Hirohito was a myopic little botonist who spent peaceful days artificially impregnating chrysanthemums.

We didn’t quite worship Roosevelt, our dear leader during World War II, but we never questioned his orders to go out and kill other teens for God and country. So, after all that insanity, did we humans finally get smarter?

Are you kidding? I won’t even start about all the worse-than-useless wars since, except for another personal example. In 1951, a little ex-haberdasher named Harry Truman ordered then 20-something me back into the Navy for two more years. It was because a fat little North Korean dictator attacked South Korea. I had to risk my butt again in a war, which even today is still not officially ended.

Uh, wait just a damn minute! I’m back where I started. Didn’t this begin with a rant about a fat little North Korean dictator?


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