How Not To Dress For A Job Interview

We’ve all had to do it. Whether applying for grocery bagger or President of the United States, each of us must prove we’re the most qualified candidate for the job. If 2015 is the year to get your career in gear, it will inevitably start with job interviews.

In my decades as ad manager at a major insurance company, I considered hundreds of job applicants. To fill vacancies, I hired about one of each 10 who were invited in for interviews. Of course, the business world has changed since then, but not in basic face-to-face interviews.

They involve some of the most critical moments in a working person’s life. Everything needs to be done to make the best impression. If you dress and act for success and play your cards right … ace the interview … there’s a chance you’ll win that job.

You may choose to show up wearing comfortable, casual clothes to the interview. If it’ll be in the local gas station, restaurant or supermarket, a clean shirt and trousers or simple dress may be enough.

Unless you’re applying to join a rock band, flashy dyed hair, face metals, open-toed sandals, tank top and draggy trousers may be OK for the street. However, if you wear them to a business-related interview, you’re guaranteed to stay on the street.

Whether applying for a Wall Street firm or the city garbage trucks, it’s never wrong to wear conservative clothing. The traditional suit/dress, freshly shaved (male) face and neatly combed, natural hair always make the best impression.

A positive attitude is critical. Sit up straight, look the interviewer in the eye and respond with correct grammar. Your alert personality should silently shout, “Tell all the others to go home. This well-spoken, dressed-for-success applicant is absolutely the right fit for that job!”


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