What’s All The Fuss About No-No Body Parts?

In early years, we’re taught right from wrong in speaking about certain body parts in polite conversation. However, today in movies and TV, it’s more and more fashionable to expose, caress, twerk and talk about formerly taboo body parts.

So, after nine decades of restraint, I’ve finally decided, in search of the naked truth, to break the rules and discuss it openly.

For example, just suppose we were told physical contact with bare elbows was dirty. Would a young man boast that on their very first date, he shyly reached across and brazenly rubbed elbows. Then, obeying what her parents had warned about, would she slap his aroused elbow away?

Instead, abandoning restraint, the sensual thrill may have affected her beyond control. She could’ve then vigorously responded, and they spent the next hour in the back of his car furiously rubbing elbows.

Let’s suppose similar taboos forbade contact involving bringing ears together. When an amorous lover leans over and rubs ears with another, who responds favorably, could that be considered earbanging?

We could go on and on choosing body part connections that once had been labeled too sexually explicit. For instance, would a couple be forced to marry if they were caught together with their toes entwined?

Would Miley Cyrus be condemned by religious leaders if she furiously twerked her elbows onstage? Perhaps most seriously, would Bill Cosby be in so much trouble if he had just kept his elbows in his shirt sleeves?

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