Old Guy Rants On The Selfie Generation

Why do younger people think I’ve lost it? Is it because my aging brain can’t adjust to what’s happening in ever-evolving electronic communications? One very confusing major development is what I see when I walk down the street, sit in a restaurant or just about everywhere else.

I was at a hospital today, and staffers all around me held little flat boxes pressed against their ears. Then they moved the boxes front to an inch from their noses, stared at little TV pictures, tapped fingers and gabbed into it. After that, they pointed the boxes at whatever was happening beyond the boxes. I wondered: didn’t they have time to take temperatures, give needles or empty bedpans?

And most bothersome, each then held an arm out, pointed the little things at themselves and grinned like monkeys. Fortunately, there were no selfies back in days of historic events. Imagine what would have happened if General Washington had stood up in that shaky little boat on the icy Delaware River just to shoot a selfie?

Back in my era, the only people at public events with cameras were tourists, National Geographic photographers and news reporters. And they couldn’t shoot selfies, because they had to stop frequently, put down bulky cases, reach in to get fresh rolls of film, change lenses and pop flashbulbs.

The old equipment has been replaced today by millions of those pesky little gab, gape, grin and google boxes. I see them on sidewalks, in cars, at sports events, concerts and never-ending TV awards programs. Also, TV news often shows crowds raising and pointing thousands of the tiny boxes in unison as if in mass prayer.

Even at almost age 90, I’ll now try to get with it and carry one of those little boxes to record my very busy daily activities. Hmmm… how many different photos, videos and selfies can this old guy shoot from my couch or park bench?


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