Sarah Palin To Run For President Next Year?

Well, why the hell not? Our noble nation has been lately led by such questionably qualified leaders as Jimmy Carter, the double Bushes, Billy Clinton and Barack Obama. Now, while we citizens pray the Demo and Repub political power brokers couldn’t possibly find someone even less qualified, along comes Sarah.

OK, let’s do a background check. What are Sarah’s qualifications? We quote the immortal words John McCain first uttered in 2008, “Who the hell is Sarah Palin?” Born in Idaho in 1964, she was raised in Wasilla, Alaska, population 8,000, not counting polar bears. She played girls’ high school basketball, rode snowmobiles, as well as hunted big Alaskan animals and confessed she ate mooseburgers.

After college, she became a TV reporter, and in 1996 was elected mayor of Wasilla in a landslide victory of 651 votes to 440. With that smashing success, Sarah held several political jobs until she was elected Alaska’s governor in 2006.

Two years later, at the Republican National Convention, there was a panic about the Democrats’ nomination of Barack Obama as candidate for 2008. The Republicans needed a minority, any kind of minority, on their ticket to match the historic choice.

Sarah was at the convention, and something about her must have attracted the Republican kingmakers. Thus, after resigning after just two years as governor of Alaska, she became the first-ever Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States.

During the election and in the years since, Sarah’s too often outspoken lack of knowledge has been fodder for comedians and sneering Republicans. Her utterances about seeing Russia from her Wasilla back porch, standing with our North Korean allies and New Hampshire being in the Northwest, have only added to questions about her intelligence.

However, whatever some may think of Sarah’s political brains, no one can underestimate her gutsy business savvy. She refused to follow John McCain into Presidential oblivion in 2008, and has flourished ever since as a highly-compensated political rock star.

For the past seven years, Sarah has earned millions just to show up for an hour or so at fundraisers, college campuses, business conventions and other group gatherings. At each event, she smiles, waves and reads a pre-written speech from a teleprompter. She then waves again, collects up to $100,000 and goes on to the next gig.

She has added considerably to her stash by doing the same on Fox News and other broadcast media. Actually, Sarah Palin may not be the worst candidate for the Republicans in 2016. Just take a close look at the other wishful wannabees who may run against her.


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