Super Model Christie Brinkley Just Celebrated Her 61st Birthday


I’ve admired the beautiful Christie since her role in the 1983 movie, National Lampoon’s Vacation. Who can forget her motel pool skinny-dip swim scenes with Chevy Chase? Before that, her fantastic figure graced the covers of the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions in 1979, 1980 and 1981.

More recently, in addition to the usual modeling and acting gigs, she appears in infomercials. It’s such an entertaining pleasure watching her perform swimsuit stretch and smile Total Gym exercises. With those sexy performances, who needs twerking and smirking rock stars?

However, considering her troubled life, how does she still look so naturally youthful and glamorous today at age 61? Christie has been married four times, bore three children and had many highly-publicized relationships.

Additionally, Christie always seems to be in continuous court battles with ex-husbands, business managers and agents. So, with all the years of storm and stress, how does she still manage that girl-next-door-to-you (I should be so lucky) white-toothed smile, perfect face and svelte model’s figure?

Of course, many jealous people will say her unblemished good looks at this advanced age are the result of frequent implants, botox and plastic surgery. It’s not true, because I know her deep, dark secret, and here it is.

If you ever go to Christie’s house, sneak up to the attic. You’ll find a painting there of a wrinkled, saggy, draggy, knobby, 61-year-old woman. Remember Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray? The title of this frightening portrait of the aging super model is: The Picture of Christie Brinkley.

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