Banned From Radio 1: Madonna Too Old At 56

The British radio network declares it will no longer play any of the vintage pop singer’s music. To this almost-90-year-old fan, that’s as if telling Elvis to stop wiggling.

Too old? Let’s delve into history for productive people who’d also be banned by balmy Brit Radio 1 today.

Ben Franklin, 70, signed the Declaration of Independence.
Winston Churchill, age 65 to 70, led England through World War II.
Mother Teresa was 86 when she won the Nobel Peace Prize.
Marlene Dietrich performed in Las Vegas until age 85.
Clint Eastwood, 84, is up for an Academy Award for his direction of American Sniper, the year’s most successful movie.
Jimmy Carter, 90, still volunteers with Habitat for Humanity, where he repairs houses for the poor.
England’s Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate her 90th birthday this year and Troop the Guard on horseback.
Betty White, 93, recently hosted Saturday Night Live, stars in a hit TV sitcom and regularly volunteers at the Los Angeles Zoo.

So, Radio 1, consider yourself demoted to Radio Zilch.

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