Presidential Candidates: Before Hillary There Were…

Tired of all the daily headlines about Hillary Clinton and her celebrated cellphone? May I lighten a serious subject by mixing speculations with observations about political contemplations? 

Question: When will Clinton stop hintin’ and break a male-only precedent to run for President? Or is she Biden her time to see if the veep will make his leap? 

Many GOPers will cry it’s an abomination if Hillary wins the nomination at the 2016 Dem convention.  It could happen in Philly and drive the Repubs silly. While our minds wander, let’s ponder history’s other women candidates.

The very first was Victoria Woodhull, who in 1872 led the Equal Rights Party. Her slogan could’ve been: Victoria Wood make one Hull of a President.

In 1940, it was an obvious joke when comedian Gracie Allen, wife of George Burns, was nominated by the so-called Surprise Party. She actually got 42,000 voters who hoped Gracie would win the racie. 

Charlene Mitchell, of the Communist Party, ran for President in 1968. It was history’s first time a Commie won the nommie (in the) nation. Her rallying cry could have been: Comrade Charlene will douse that White House red. 

TV starr Roseanne Barr led her Peace and Freedom Parrty in 2012. Her farr-out slogan could’ve been: Barr will keep us out of warr. Serious note: In real history, candidate Woodrow Wilson ran on that same slogan in 1916. He won, and in 1917, President Wilson sent a million doughboys to fight WW1 in France.

Looking forward to 2016, there’s potential brimmin’ that both candidates may be women, Dem Hillary vs Repub Sarah. Would Sarah’s campaign cry be: Clinton will be wailin’ when she’s trailin’ behind Palin?  

As a lifelong Democrat who worked on John and Bobby Kennedy’s Presidential campaigns, would I vote for Hillary? Even if you put me in a pillory, I’ll not confess though you press for a yes.

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