Who’da Thunk It: Kathy Displaces Hillary

We’ve experienced weeks of endless Hillary Clinton news headlines, urgent TV bulletins and website spreads about her alleged and real political problems. However, believe it or not, someone else has just garnered more space and gossip than the maybe/maybe-not Presidential candidate.

For example, on Yahoo’s Friday View New Stories column, there were at least nine articles/opinion pieces and photos about Kathy Griffin’s sudden bail-out from TV’s Fashion Police. I could find just one there on the woman who aspires to be the future leader of the free world.

An almost-90-year-old offers personal must express opinions on both women. As for Hillary, even this loyal Democrat whose first Presidential vote was for Harry Truman, has growing doubts. After the Kennedy brothers, the Bush family and other nepotistic legacies, I’m not keen on Hillary following in Bill Clinton’s round-heeled footsteps. 

I very much agree the U.S. is long overdue to elect an experienced, competent President who happens to be a woman. However, we don’t need one who’ll drag such heavy personal and marital baggage back into the White House.

As for Kathy Griffin, she’s a sneering, loud-mouth, insulting and obscene critic of  show business and fashion. For those attributes I actually admire her, but wouldn’t nominate her to run for President. 

I’d elect the brilliant comedienne to take over the Tonight Show or other late-night gig. Kathy is immensely more qualified than all the dull guys there now who are totally without the talent of Johnny Carson or Jay Leno.

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