Does Methuselah Still Qualify For Social Security?


If you resent that the permanently unemployed guy next door gets his easy welfare money from your hard-earned taxes, consider this recent news item.

The U.S. Auditor General reports some unbelievably screwed-up government records that are still on the books. They show the names of 6.5 million Americans, age 112 and older, who still have active Social Security numbers. Of course, the actual statistic is less than a dozen people at that advanced age in the entire world. 

One reason the names are still active is because many elder deaths are simply not reported to government agencies, and the names remain active for decades. The families continue to illegally cash in the long deceased person’s Social Security and other regular government benefit checks.  

We can only imagine how those numbers are also being used by politicians, lawyers, drug dealers and other crooks in many creatively illegal ways. Not only is that lazy neighbor enjoying your tax money for booze, weed and food for his brood, the skewed Social Security record books may be applied in even more nefarious ways.   

The still-valid SS numbers are sold to criminals so they can qualify for welfare, drivers’ licenses and other unearned benefits. How many news headlines do you see about cartel cars and trucks regularly delivering illegal drugs throughout the U.S.? Do you believe the drivers have legal licenses?

Also, at election time, and when the ballots are counted, consider the politician who wins with 99% of the vote, including ballots mysteriously cast by the long deceased. If the goverenment record-keeping neglect continues, the old practice of collecting names from graveyard tombstones on election day may be unnecessary. 

A next spooky TV reality show could be titled: The Voting Dead Creep Out Social Security. 

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