That Statue Is Supposed To Be Our Loved Lucy?


Think about it, I Love Lucy fans. If she could see the memorial statue of her on display in her hometown of Celeron, near Jamestown NY, what would be her reaction? 

Among the thousands of local and online opinions is a typical one, and Lucy would certainly agree. The sculptured metal face and figure look like a buck-toothed Boy Scout. 

Before her wildly successful TV comedy career, most of Lucy’s acting gigs portrayed her as what she was, strikingly glamorous. She was absolutely beautiful on screens, big and little, black/white and color, drama and comedy.

If your travels take you to the Jamestown area, visit The Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum & Center for Comedy. Each year, there’s a comedy festival there, where many famed performers have appeared, inluding Jay Leno, Ray Romano, Joan Rivers and Bob Newhart. This year’s event, from July 30 through August 2, features Jerry Seinfeld.

As mentioned before on this blog, I met Lucille Ball face to face once in the early 1950s. As I was leaving a Sunset Strip restaurant, she drove up and inquired politely if she could take my parking space. After I glimpsed those brilliant blue eyes and flaming red hair up close, if she had asked, I would’ve given her my car, too. 


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