ABC Newsie Gets Caught Tossing Cash Into Hillary’s Pot


For those confused about a couple of very similar long names from various TV programs, let me explain. Snuffleupagus is an imaginary elephantine character on Sesame Street. In early episodes, only kids could see him. 

Stephanopolis is an imaginative ABC-TV news commentator who at first believed no one would see him making an elephantine $75,000 contribution to Hillary Clinton’s campaign money stash. Unfortunately for George, now everyone can see him try to come up with explanations of why he failed to report the gift to his employer.

What makes the current situation so embarrassing to ABC is that the network supports Stephanopolis, and still claims to be unbiased in reporting the political news. Adding to the glare of ABC’s unwelcome spotlight, Geraldo Rivera angrily now reports he was fired by ABC in 1985. He says it was for making a measly $200 political donation without reporting it to his employer. 

I’ve no personal gripe with Hillary Clinton, and have mostly voted for her party’s candidates since Harry Truman and the Kennedys. However, it’s always an embarrassing scandal when someone is caught with his hand in the political pot. Strangely, this time it was Stephanopolis sneaking money in instead to taking it out

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