How To Survive A Lousy Job You Hate Like Hell

  Why would anyone want to stay in a really bad work situation? Sadly, most of us don’t have the luxury to jump ship in this storm-tossed economy. Therefore, a realistic method is to find ways to enjoy, or at least tolerate, the rotten job until you can nail something better.

I spent 25 hectic years at one company, and there were very few days when I didn’t have at least one urge to punch a nose, kick a butt, contemplate murder or quit. Too often, I was fed up enough and ready to commit all of the above. 
What kept me from acting out those angry urges was that I had growing kids, big home mortgage, two cars and other obligations. I realized that staying with the company would provide for my family and eventually bring me secure retirement income. 
With continuing frustration, workplace troubles prompted me to seek new jobs whenever possible. I did receive several in-company offers, but they would’ve required relocating when my kids were still in school. However, I never stopped seeking new opportunities.
In fact, I sent out my umpteenth resumé just a year or so before I decided to retire. Bingo! I was happily surprised, because it got me a good job in a sunny desert resort city, where I could relocate from what had become our empty family nest. 
The gig there lasted five years and paid kids’ college costs. Then I had the satisfaction to retire financially free and permanently at age 70. What helped me survive in too-often unhappy job situations was that I was always determined to find some meaningful productivity in my daily work.
If I were asked for advice today, I’d say that with a positive attitude, consuming hate for a job can be reduced to merely occasional annoyances. If that’s your situation, just hunker down, block out distractions and perform to the very best of your ability.
While succeeding in that current job you hate like hell, an unexpected promotion, transfer or other career opportunity could suddenly come your way. Then, you may actually enjoy your higher-level pay, rank and privileges. My final bit of advice is that you then shouldn’t make life miserable for all the unfortunate, unhappy, underpaid underlings who’ll hate like hell working for you.

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