A Proud Father’s Pride Month Commentary


This beautiful photo represents a recent treasured event in my life. My camera caught the dawning moment from the patio of a rented house on a cliff above the Pacific Ocean.  

It wasn’t just a visual moment, but also an emotional one. Just hours before, I was a proud father giving his daughter in marriage on that same patio. The wedding was to another woman, something that would have been unthinkable to me in another era.
I was raised in an all-boys orphanage, and required to attend Christian chapel services daily and twice on Sundays. At age 18 in World War II, I joined the Navy, where the discipline and religious dogma were equally strict. I had been thoroughly indoctrinated throughout my early life to the unquestioning rules of relationships and marriage.
So, why was I not shocked and disapproving when my daughter first told me of her lifestyle, and then of the planned marriage to another woman? Maybe my attitude can help other traditional parents who may experience the same situation. 
My only concern is that my daughter finds fulfillment, happiness and success in her life as she chooses to live it. While I may not have displayed it often enough, I’ve always loved her unconditionally, and there can never be anything to cause that love to be diminished.

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