Almost 90: Am I Senile Or The Only Sane One Out There?


At my advanced age, mental lapses are expected. I misplace keys, forget to take out the trash, burn my food, freeze my Mac and commit other old guy errors. However, as mentally-challenged as I may be, what’s happening in America today is far worse. A few fr’instances:

Multi-bankruptcy veteran Donald Trump announced he’s running for president. With his fantastic financial track record, the go-broke champ could take over a near-bankrupt U.S. economy and complete the job. Of course, The Donald has many equally qualified competitors in the presidential race.

New entries seem to come out of the woodwork … or nuthouse … almost daily. After two Bush disasters in the White House, yet another just emerged from the … well … bushes. If it were candidate Jed Clampett instead of Jeb Bush, his oil money would avoid the need to scam Republican billionaires in endless campaign fund-raisers.

Speaking of fund-raisers and speaking for cash, presidential candidate Hillary and ex-president Bill Clinton are the undisputed champs of the lucrative racket. While Hillary stuffs her campaign mattress with millions, Bill has been just as busy at the podium. He earns an average of $200,000 per speech, and so far his total take-home stash has been at least $100 million since he left the White House in 2001. 
It isn’t only in politics that insane money-grabbing is rampant. Teen jocks who can catch a deflated football, swing a bat or stuff a basket take home millions of bucks before they can vote. And on TV, Katie Couric is now being paid $10 million a year by Yahoo to grimace widely with her endless capped teeth and read teleprompters. Need I even mention the Kardashians?
In conclusion, please don’t think I’m a grouchy senior citizen condemning all those wicked people who make millions of unearned bucks. I’m just jealous as hell because I never could figure out a nice legal, dishonest way to get in on any of those easy money rackets.

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