Ode To Elaine/Christine/Selina/Julia Louis-Dreyfus

 I must confess! In spite of the fact that my spouse and I will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary next year, I’m smitten by another woman.
Not any woman, but one who is currently the leader of the free world! Well, O.K., it’s just a role she’s playing on TV, but it proves what a fantastic actress she is. In just 20 years, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has matured from the nebbishly Elaine Benes on Seinfeld to the supremely confident President of the United States Selina Meyer on Veep!
I’ve thought about sending her fan email, telling how much I admire her acting skills, upbeat personality and youthful, slim good looks. Realistically, I can only imagine thousands of other guys, ages from 14 to 94, having the same thoughts. Therefore, all I can do is watch her on nightly reruns of Seinfield and look forward to new and repeat episodes of Veep on my cable station.  
Julia has conducted her private life as wife and mother of two grown sons with dignity. Although she’s now in her mid-50s, every video and still picture shows her looking at least 25 years younger. How could that be? Therefore, I must now reluctantly reveal a secret she is loathe to share with the world.

In a secret attic of her home near Malibu, there’s an easel holding a artist’s painting. Julia keeps a cloth over it and wants no one else to ever see the picture. However, if the painting were uncovered, the viewer would see a Dorian Grayish portrait of a 400-pound, wrinkled, toothless, white-haired old woman! 

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