Theo’s Theory: Donald Trump Is Hillary Clinton’s Best Campaigner

One undeniable fact is that each time Trump trumpets his opinions all over the media, it lowers his public image by several degrees. At the same time, the polls show that his potential for winning the Republican Presidential nomination next year just keeps rising.

As a very old guy whose first presidential vote was for Harry Truman in 1948, I’m not quite yet senile when I theorize that Trump is deliberately playing Republican mustang, and is already roped in for the Hillary round-up. Just look at his record. 

In his fantastic real estate career, he has made billions. When things went wrong, he emerged from four bankruptcies with more personal riches each time. To me, this proves there’s a keen, conniving brain under that blonde bird’s nest comb-over.

Although Trump today declares himself a staunch Republican, the record shows he contributed heavily to the Clinton Foundation. He has frequently socialized with the Clintons, and may have also put money into Hillary’s Democratic Senate campaigns back in 2000 and 2006. 

Therefore, my theory is that Donald Trump is making a deliberate, well-planned effort to win the Presidency for Hillary Clinton. He’s mounting an even greater effort to blow the 2016 election more thoroughly than John McCain did when he chose the Alaskan whatsername as his running mate in 2008.
And another even more senility-fueled scenario. With the continuing headlines and hype, Republican Trump and Democrat Hillary will win their nominations next year. Then, I predict, just before election day, they’ll hatch up an historic surprise. 
From the Lincoln Bedroom, they will announce they’ve agreed to share the Presidency. All of America will shout: Welcome to the White House, Co-President Donald Trump and Co-President Hillary Clinton! Cue the Marine Band to play Hail To The Chiefs!

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