Sonnet For Those Who Would Be President 

 The candidate list grows longer each day,

And each has important words to say;

As Republicans pronounce their intention

To be named winner at the GOP Convention.

Now attired in their best campaign glamor, 

Those warriors vie in election year clamor.

And bringing up all their political artillery,  

Attempting to blast the formidable Hillary.

We’ll hear and see them each day in the news:

There’s Jeb Bush, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. 

Also Carly Florina, Christie and Santorum, 

While Rubio and Huckabee make it a quorum.

Those prime politicians each seek your vote,

But seem crowded together in one leaky boat.

Their efforts could end with a mighty slump,

‘Cause their Titanic captain is Donald Trump!

Poet’s Note: Emily Dickinson’s 175th birthday is December 10. If the talented Em were to write a sonnet to the GOP candidates, it could begin: How do voters love thee? Let me count the nays…

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