Gov’t Beancounters To Seniors On SS: Screw You!

  Recently announced by the Social Security Admin.: no cost-of-living increase in senior benefits in 2016. The news is not great for American retirees who struggle daily to survive with limited income while inflation keeps rising.
When I retired 25 years ago, a gallon of regular gas was $1.15. Today it’s $4. and more when the greedy oil robbers jack up prices. Just about everything else, including food, clothes, transportation, medical services and housing, during that quarter century has had annual inflation rates of 5%, 10% and up. Totally, the cost of living since 1990 has risen at least 200%!

My modest one-bedroom apartment’s ever-increasing monthly rent in 1990 was $550; now $1,700, a rise of 300%. During the same quarter century, Social Security total payments were increased by less than 40%. The latest raise was 1.7% in 2015, with a big fat zero announced for 2016. 

When Washington beancounters made this decision to screw retirees out of a 2016 raise, they chose to ignore the fact that we retirees are not beggars (yet). Social Security is earned, not welfare. We each paid into the fund from every paycheck for 40 or more years, anticipating the investment would help provide for comfortable and independent retirement. We realize now how very wrong we were.

California Governer Jerry Brown just approved a bill for physicians in the state to help terminally-ill patients commit suicide. Anyhow, most will be elderly, and considered by Jerry and other kind-hearted politicians to be an excess baggage drain on the budget. 

Let’s hope this news doesn’t give Social Security beancounters even more evil plans. They may plan to kill off the elderly as a way to save government money. Then they can use it for absolute essentials, such as congressional pay raises, presidential golf vacations, cash gifts to (Death To Amereeeka) Iran and never-ending foreign wars.

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