1952: Ronald Reagan Hawks Xmas Cancer Sticks

  We actually liked Reagan and almost voted for him once or twice. However, look at that asinine grin on his face while a cigarette dangles from his mouth. If he were running for President today and posed for such an offensive ad, would any non-smokers or reformed puffers vote for him?
Remember all those colorful holiday ads by cigarette companies in national magazines, newspapers and TV commercials? In addition to movie stars, they featured sports heroes, rugged cowboys and others who recited with straight faces all the phony health benefits (More Doctors Smoke Camels) of the deadly products.

Have you started your holiday gift shopping yet for this season? If you’re against smoking, you may decide not to give cartons of deadly cigarettes. Instead, will you find an appropriate gift for beloved family and friends? How about a ticket for a thrilling cruise on a leaky, overloaded boat filled with Syrian refugee families heading for Europe?

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