Is Donald Trump The Worst Presidential Candidate Ever?

Sure, he’s had three marriages, many extramarital affairs, several profitable screw-the-invester bankrupcies, and ran gambling joints in Vegas and Atlantic City. But what about some of the other guys who were actually elected to be leaders of the free world? Consider:
Before the American Revolution, John Adams was defense attorney for British Redcoats who gunned down defenseless civilians in the Boston Massacre.
Tom Jefferson had kids by his slave Sally Hemmings.
Andrew Johnson was a falling-down alcoholic.
Grover Cleveland had an illegimate child.
Franklin D. Roosevelt had Lucy Mercer and Missy LeHand.
Harry Truman ran a clothing store until corrupt Boss Pendergast made him a senator.
Dwight Eisenhower had Kay Summersby.
John F. Kennedy had affairs with Marilyn Monroe and many others.
Richard Nixon had Watergate.
Bill Clinton had Monica and many, many others.
Ronald Reagan had Alzheimers.

One thought on “Is Donald Trump The Worst Presidential Candidate Ever?

  1. Invisible Mikey

    How about Warren Harding’s teenaged mistress, Nan Britton, his Teapot Dome bribery scandal, or the long series of cabinet officer bribes under US Grant (Whiskey Ring)? Andrew Jackson had so many problems, including cabinet sex scandals (Petticoat Affair). Yes, Trump is only one of many flawed humans vying for the Presidency.

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