West Hollywood CA: Santa Monica Blvd Is My World

  My photo essays, posted just a day or two after the photos happen, are never posed. As I push my walker along busy Santa Monica Boulevard, the camera captures new moments that will never ever happen again.

With advancing age and increasing physical limits, my perspective narrows daily. No longer am I involved with what’s happening in the world, nation, state nor city. I can only concentrate on what my eyes and camera see in this eclectic neighborhood. 

The daily headlines no longer interest me. Instead of presidential wannabes, immigration and the war on terror, I focus on joggers, loving couples, dog walkers and homeless wanderers. I no longer care about Wall Street, only what happens on this West Hollywood street. 

Rushing by me are busy cars, buses, trucks, police cars, motorcycles, bikes and skateboards. And as old buildings on the boulevard come down, I watch new high-rise condos reach for the sky, along with sky-high prices. 

Therefore, considering the alternatives for a fading 90.5-year-old, I’m having a hell of a fun time!

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