Hey, Smokin’ Kids! FDA Goes Ape Over Vape

The New York Times recently announced that stricter government regulations take effect on the so-touted non-stinky, non-carcinogenic E-cigarette. FDA’s new rules prohibit the sale of the product to kids under age 18, as well as apply other restrictions on tobacco products.

Gee, that’s a relief! We can rest assured now that our vulnerable youth will positively, absolutely obey the law. And they’ll grow up to enjoy healthier lives without the evils and physical damage of smoking.

Hey, wait a minute! Don’t the FDA beancounters realize that by restricting E-cigarettes, it’ll only make them more attractive to kids? It has always been that way with drugs that will screw up health and lives.

Remember back a couple generations when the same rules applied to buying cigarettes? Then, I envied other 15-year-old guys lounging outside the school while smoking their young brains out. Of course, they were hacking and coughing, but worth the effort to impress teen girls. After all, if movie stars like Ronald Reagan smoked Chesterfields, how bad could they be?

So I asked an older kid to buy my first illegal pack of Chesterfields, and smoked them all in about an hour. My proud puffing was noticed by girls as they walked by this cool 15-year-old. Maybe they were even more impressed when they saw me get violently sick after the last cigarette in the pack.

Through the following years, including Navy service, college and career, I never smoked again. It was simply because I hated the taste, smell, burning throat and all the other physical damage and discomfort. A sad fact is while I’ve made it to age 90, too many addicted smoker shipmates, classmates, friends and relatives didn’t survive many years beyond their 40s.

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