Fact: Cats Are Much Smarter Than Humans

The steady glare on Sweetzer’s face translates: Don’t you feel really, really guilty that you’re not taking me? Whenever we get the suitcases out to pack for a trip, he sits in one and refuses to budge. It isn’t because he loves us so much, rather the terrifying feline fear that we won’t be around to serve his daily needs.

They include at least three meals and a midnight snack per 24 hours, plus daily cat litter cleaning and some ear scratching as he watches the evening news. So, this time, as ever, when we depart, it will be with guilty hearts.

Because of his advanced intelligence, we’re considering buying Sweetzer a smartphone. Then, when we’re aboard a flight, on a cruise or sunning at the beach, he can text a sad selfie to make us feel even more guilty.

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