Bernie Sanders Would Be Oldest President Ever

Let’s just suppose it could happen. Bernie beats out Hillary, and becomes the Democratic Presidential nominee in November. Then, after destroying The Donald at the polls in November, Bernie schleps his senior self into the White House in 2017.

Then, from age 75 he could serve two terms and step down at age 83. As most young people would say, that’s a really, really, really old President of the United States!

The previous oldest new President was Ronald Reagan, who was a month away from his 70th birthday when he started his first term. And when he left the White House at almost age 78, there were rumors he was already suffering from senior dementia.

If you’re into serious Bible studies, Bernie and Ronnie wouldn’t be history’s oldest tribal leaders. Check out Genesis for some really senior senior citizens. Adam started it all by living to 900, while ark-building Noah sailed with family and animals at age 500. Noah’s grandpop Methuselah also lingered into his 900s.

The Bible also says Noah and Methuselah fathered dozens of kids during their many, many years. So, Bernie, compared to those ancient guys who thrived such long and fruitfully-begatting lives, you’re still a fuzzy-cheeked youngster.

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