Political TV Is Even More Annoying Than Used Car Pitches

They’re all hitting our tender eyes and ears now, spewing from TV screens and smartphones every minute of every hour of every day. Vote for Hillary! Vote for Bernie! Vote for The Donald! Vote for your honest, truly patriotic local dog catcher candidate!

We’re forced to watch egotistical politicians strut and boast on camera with the same corny messages over and over again. It reminds us of those jack-booted clowns in propaganda photos from the 1930s, and how they fooled their nations’ citizens.

Of course, with all TV commercials getting more repetitious and intrusive than ever, the current political ads bring obnoxiousness to a new level. Their promoters know building up sleazy candidates to heroic proportions worked so well for evil old Benito and Adolf.

Today’s politicians believe that after you watch their endlessly repeated TV commercials, you’ll be blindly brainwashed into voting for them. Now primaries, conventions and campaigns are flooding us. Each ad is repeated a dozen times daily, often two or three times an hour. Enough, already!

Remember the movie, The Manchurian Candidate? In it American POWs are subjected to constant mental pressure and repeated propaganda by the Commies. Eventually, by the time of their release, one was totally brainwashed.

He was programmed by the bad guys to kill his mother, a powerful and evil politician in Washington. Hmmm. On second thought, maybe that wasn’t such a bad idea.

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