And Now For the Champeeenship: Donald vs Hillary!

This will be one for the history books, not that anyone in the smartphone future will know what a book is. Generations of Americans not yet born will wonder how our insane election process, after all the hoopla and campaigning, came up with two of the worst candidates in the nation’s history. And each with the ultimate goal to become the leader of the free world.

One of the sterling Presidential wannabees built a huge fortune by frequently declaring bankruptcy. It was his clever business strategy to screw millions of hapless investors out of billions of dollars. The other is striving to control the nation’s affairs, but could never, ever keep her hankering husband’s zipper closed in his affairs.

Like her or not, you must admire the ambitious Hillary, the first woman in history to run for the top job. If she wins, she’ll return to the White House with Bill, who’ll loyally serve under her as first husband. Except for certain nights when he’ll be serving over an intern or two.

Just maybe it’s possible that pre-senile, post-Socialist Bernie Sanders may run as a third party candidate in the November elections, hoping to beat out the two party-annointed ones. To stir up voters, he could choose Sarah Palin or Ted Cruz as his running mate. American voters these days aren’t the sharpest tools in the woodshed, but a sure-to-fail Bernie bid could actually happen.

Just maybe, we can hope that somewhere in the land there’s a clone of George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt or Abe Lincoln who’ll come galloping in at the last moment to win the White House. However, with our political luck lately, it would be more like a Rutherford B. Hayes or Andrew Johnson.

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