90-Year-Old Guy Finally Awarded High School Diploma

Didja see the recent news about this happening at a high school graduation ceremony in Elmira Heights NY? It was a sentimental journey for him back to 1943 when he quit school to join the Navy in World War II.

Can you imagine what could happen if this honorary diploma stuff gets spread around to belatedly honor we 90-year-olds?

What if another old guy quit pre-med school 73 years ago to join the Marines? When he gets his degree now, wouldja be OK if he took out your appendix?

How about another nonagenarian getting his honorary engineering degree because he quit school to join the Air Force? Wouldja take the elevator up in the skyscraper he designs?

And there’s the 90-year-old former student at the police academy who quit the program to join the Army. Wouldja enjoy riding with him today as he chases bad guys at 90 MPH in his police cruiser?

Finally, there’s the nine-decades-old guy who quit veterinary school to join the Coast Guard. After he gets his honorary degree, wouldja be standing much too close to his scalpel as he neuters your dog?

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