Humans Are The Most Stupid Of All The Species

The horror of yet another suicide bombing and mass murder, this time at the Istanbul airport, proves how the human mind is twisted. In other recent news, a popular TV evangelist encouraged true believers to walk over hot coals. He promised them immunity and soul saving from the fire because a guy in the sky would protect them and save their soles.

Wouldja believe they burned the livin’ hell out of their tender feet? Kinda like ever-repeating human history, when old guys in fancy uniforms or priestly robes persuade teenage guys to go die for their country or religion. Or be a holy martyr for some guy in the sky.

Along with it is the promise they’ll earn gloriously posthumous medals. And/or a bunch of nubile virgins. Would a lion, monkey or grizzly fall for such self-destructive idiocy? Only sappy homo sapiens do it.

Millions were killed in World War 2, and in Japan just in 1945’s final days, more than 200,000 died, 129,000 in the war-ending atomic bombings. I was a 19-year-old Navy sailor in the Philippines then, and the brutal Japs, as we called them, were our mortal enemies.

Just five short years later, the Korean War was on, and my college graduation gift was a recall letter from Uncle Sam to return to active Navy duty. By then, those now ever-so-friendly Japanese were our good buddies. They happily made billion$ supporting and supplying U.S. military operations during the Korean War.

Of course, there have been many more wars since my service time, and they continue to be good business for those old guys in fancy uniforms and their pals, the defense industry and religious freaks. Hey, teenage guys, ya wanna be a hero? Have I got a fire-walkin’ deal for you! If ya like that, I’ll give ya a neato vest that explodes in airports.

As Shakespeare wrote: What fools these mortals be!

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