* The Slogan Must Become All Lives Matter

The deliberate sniper killing of five Dallas police officers was senseless murder. No matter what insane justification the killers believe gave them the right to commit their crimes, they should be prosecuted and pay with their lives.

Police are human, whether small town sheriffs or big city officers. Of the many thousands in our country, most are honorable and should be appreciated for protecting us. A few, when faced with personal danger, will react with imminent fear, incompetence or corruption. When it happens, they should also face prosecution and punishment as the law requires.

Of course, black lives matter. Each life in America is precious, and should not be taken away by any senseless act. Whether the crime is committed by a frightened cop or street thug, the legal system must investigate, find the truth and make the appropriate judgment.

Running wild in the streets or worse, murdering cops, will only add more anger, hate and disruption to the already tense situation. Those five murdered cops in Dallas were there on assigned duty, attempting to keep the peace when cowardly criminals murdered them. Ask the officers’ wives and children if their husbands’ and fathers’ lives mattered.

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