Murderous Stupidity: Never-Ending Contagious Disease

Dallas, Baton Rouge, Turkey, France. The senseless killing goes on. Of course, clueless humans have always found ways to murder each other, from Cain to Hitler to today’s latest atrocities.

Many of us, starting when very young, are infected by the primeval urge. During World War 2, and just after my 18th birthday, I joined the Navy. Soon my naive teen brain was being processed to make me a trained killer. We were never allowed to forget that the purpose of boot camp rifles and bayonets was to kill enemy teens.

We went on to further training in much more effective shipboard and aircraft weapons. We knew, of course, our patriotic efforts would not only kill military foe, but also murder enemy children and civilian adults. In our brainwashed minds, that was what they deserved for supporting their evil empires.

Unfortunately, the spreading mental disease continues to infect. Today’s killers who senselessly murder people and police in the streets are also brainwashed. Their twisted minds have been carefully laundered by loud-mouthed leaders to believe they have a religious, ethnic, political or otherwise stupid mission to kill.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. John F. Kennedy

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