Sex Scandal: Fox News Waives Its Jolly Roger

Of course, it’s nothing new. Since prehistoric times, when elected cave boss, men in power have abused it to entice women. Tribal chiefs, warlords, monarchs, show biz moguls and presidents have all enthusiastically continued the casting couch tradition.

In his movie, “History of the World”, Mel Brooks’ King Louis XVI boasted, as he fondled a fair maiden, “It’s good to be king!” We’re all familiar with the practice. During my long corporate business career, the royal practice was constantly the subject of rumors and scandals.

On several occasions, security guys suddenly appeared at offices near mine to escort suddenly-fired junior and middle-level managers out into the street. Often married guys, they had violated company rules, along with young women employees.

However, there was an unwritten company rule that if the offender was of vice president rank, he was not to be punished for his offenses. I’m sure those guys often exclaimed joyfully, “It’s good to be Veep.”

Of course, the lower ranking management offenders were kicked out with no severance pay. If the victims made too much fuss, there were occasions when seasoned vice presidents suddenly retired, buoyed up by golden parachute pensions. The rumors are that Roger Ailes’ generous Fox severance parachute was enormous! Therefore a limerick:

A Fox-y old boss named Ailes,
Put hands on feminine tails.
For that he was fired,
But now happily retired,
With 40 million bucks in bales!

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