Robo Calls: Is Anyone Stupid Enough To Fall For The Scams?

It was bad enough when we got the annoying calls once a month or so. But lately, the crooks must be ratcheting up for some special thievery. Four times today we received recorded (robo) calls offering some phony product, service or free travel deal.

Most of the phone pitches are by friendly female voices, but instead of making the interruption merely an annoyance, in this old guy they inspire screaming anger. After the fourth call of the day, I reach back into my Navy vocabulary and squawk out every curse word I know.

It’s hard to believe, but we know the crooks behind the rackets are finding enough willing suckers, because their phone assaults are never ending. How could these random calls be taken seriously by anyone with half a brain? Beyond that, will any people then be clueless enough to believe the obviously phony crap? Or worse, give out credit card information over the phone to be stolen?

There are ways to subscribe to no-call services, and/or report the scams to organizations such as the Better Business Bureau. However, that only seems to put a temporary gag on the practice. After a few months, the phone annoyance begins again. I guess I’ll just have to keep recalling more of my colorful USN vocabulary.

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