Love Animated Films, But What’s With This New One?

The just-released animated movie, Sausage Party, can be viewed free on some websites. According to the producers, it took more than eight years and millions of bucks to produce. So they can only hope to make up their costs and earn profits in theater showings.

My reactions to what may be a double-X-rated movie are mixed. Cursing and sexual references don’t offend this old guy. In college and the Navy I didn’t spend all my time attending prayer meetings. However, my memories about family-oriented animated films go back many decades, and I couldn’t yet get used to Mickey or Donald exchanging four-letter words. Or worse, naked Mickey and Minnie exchanging DNA on camera.

My fears about Sausage Party are that teens and younger kids will be, as the film’s characters are, exposed to what is nothing less than animated porn, with a spoonful of questionable racial references thrown in. Today’s kids are already swamped with visual and audio obscenity from the garbage noise and images that pass for today’s pop music.

However, along with all my criticism, I believe Sausage Party is a funny, memorable, must-see film. College students and other savvy adults will enjoy it tremendously. Just maybe it will be considered a break-out movie for genuine low humor that follows the traditions of the Marx Brothers, Mel Brooks, Joan Rivers, Redd Foxx, George Carlin and Lenny Bruce.

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