Hey, Fidelito: Happy Nonagenarian Day!

There were all kinds of celebrations throughout Communist Cuba to mark the occasion. Dinners, dances, parades and a special ceremony at appropriately, the Karl Marx Theater in downtown Havana. Of course, Castro couldn’t let the happy occasion pass without spouting some angry words about President Barack Obama and other evil Americans.

Infamous retired Cuban dictator Fidel Castro just joined the rest of we ancient ones in the exclusive survivor-to-90 club. Ya gotta hand it to old Fidel for making it through nine decades . Most dictators don’t live nearly that long. Hitler shot himself in the bunker at age 56. Mussolini ended upside down in the town square at age 61. Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was hanged at age 64.

Lybian dictator Muammar Gaddafi was beaten to death by a mob at age 69. The guy who set the style for all future dictators, Julius Caesar, was knifed to death at age 55 by Brutus and the rest of Julie’s alleged pals.

So, without presuming to represent the rest of us in our 90s, I wish fellow nonagenarian Fidel a happy birthday, and maybe a warning to stay the hell away from the Forum.

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