Hey, Smokers: You Stink To High Heaven

And fortunately for non-smoking kids and adults nearby, your deadly addiction will soon get you to that final destination. After your suicide by self-inflicted lung cancer, the rest of us will then be able to breathe fresh air again.

Too frequently we get reminders of the damage cigarettes cause beyond foul odors, destroyed lungs and shortened lives of smokers. At 2 a.m. on a recent night, a clueless nicotine addict in our apartment building tossed a burning cigarette into a basement trash can.

Fire and billowing smoke from the drunk, stoned and/or stupid act brought many fire trucks. The building elevators were smoked out, and there was emergency evacuation down crowded stairways. It was especially difficult for physically- and age-challenged elderly tenants. Three were hospitalized with smoke-inhalation problems.

There are many more examples of fires caused by careless smokers. Southern California, now suffering its worst drought in decades, has been plagued recently with huge and destructive forest fires. The reason is too often a carelessly dropped burning cigarette.

Of course, smoking is legal, and becoming more so as marijuana is accepted in some states. Between coughs, smokers will declare that it is their right to foul the air whenever and wherever they damn well please. And so what if little kids, along with the elderly, are nearby to breathe in the deadly poisons and noxious odors.

If addicts don’t care enough about their lungs, maybe they should consider the damage to their pocketbooks. Average pack-a-day smokers pay about $7 for each, and spend nearly $9,000 a year on the smelly addiction. Consider fresh-air cruises that money would buy.

More seriously, do smokers realize that the addiction takes at least 10 years from the average lifespan? Nor that it also adds about $10,000 a month to the inevitable final medical costs to their families as they cough out their last days in hospital cancer wards.

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