Online Ads Promise Thousand$ A Month! Not!

When scanning the comments section of many websites, we can’t help seeing many phony ads inserted. Some recent unedited actual samples in their uniquely broken English:

Do you want to Earn for internet to use facebook per mint 10$ per hourly 600$ visit the site

I am shocked to hear that my friend’s mother making 132$ daily in two hours on the internet at home. When I saw I was surprised. I also eran 21010$ per/month since I started this job.

The obviously phony pitches, featuring the laughable grammar, appear constantly. Of course, I’m offended by their crooked get-rich quick scams. What bothers me more is the idiotically broken English that makes my old editor’s teeth grind. Obviously, the scammers are from China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Africa and other areas where English is a second, third. fourth or unknown language.

Is it possible that anyone is stupid enough to respond to the ads? I can only conclude that they must be making money, because the messages keep showing up. On any day, when clicking into website comment columns, you’re sure to be hit with one or more of them. Therefore, as a retired editor, I offer my very educated warning that you should ignore the online scams:

When see you thoas onlying falls promisses, do not you send in monyes or kredit kard nummers, with larch ammounts as 300$ or even 4$000s. Bewear of thoes eevul skammrses!

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