Keeping Up With All The New Happenings?

This old guy should be spending my sunset years snoozily slumped in a nursing home hallway. No fuss, just drooling into my oatmeal. Are today’s ever-changing scenes making that quiet escape my only option?

While on my twice daily hike along city sidewalks, I’m often rudely bumped by mindlessly wandering people. Their hands up, eyes down as they squint into little boxes held in front of their noses. Another sidewalk danger is being hit by pizza-bearing drones, now that Domino’s is flying them to customers.

When I try to cross the street, I must dodge self-driving taxis zooming by on their way to the airport. There the passengers will someday soon board pilotless airplanes on supersonic one-hour flights from Los Angeles to London.

If I must stop to use the bathroom at a local service station, I can no longer simply stride through a door marked MEN. I must wait in line with others of various sexual orientations for entry into a non-gender privy.

Worst of all, my innocent boyhood Disney cartoon memories are being dragged through the mud of obscenity. The hilariously disgusting “Sausage Party” has set the theme for future animated movies. What’s next? Formerly pure Snow White gets soiled in a seven-dwarf orgy, while they all indulge in Dopey’s dope.

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